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The DUS704 series sensors combine motion detection (PIR), Infra-red remote control reception (IR) and ambient light level detection (PE) in the one device. In applications such as homes, lecture theatres and office towers, DUS704 universal sensors can be utilized to detect motion and switch on the lights. When rooms are unoccupied, lights can be automatically dimmed or switched off to provide energy savings. The same sensor provides IR control reception to enable full remote control over lights, audio-visual equipment and blinds. A range of hand-held Infra-red transmitters to complement DUS704 series universal sensors are available. In situations where it is critical to maintain precise lighting control for individual workspaces, such as a flight control tower or office workstation, the DUS704 facilitates light compensation. The DUS704 can also be placed in an automatic �Daylight Harvesting� mode for energy savings.

DUS704W Installation Manual.pdf

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