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The EcoSet DMRC210-RJ-DA relay controller is designed to allow intelligent, sub-networked control of luminaires, in combination with the EcoSet DUS804C-RJ-DA occupancy sensor . The compact design of the relay controller enables the unit to be mounted directly within the gear enclosure of many luminaires. Each relay controller incorporates two independently controlled relay outputs designated for switching lighting loads. The 10A relays on the output channels are fully rated for large in-rush lighting loads. The device is configured by use of DIP switches allowing quick installation on-site. The ability to rapidly set area configuration provides out-of-the-box functionality without the need for a PC and software on site. Though programmed without PC software, the EcoSet relay controller, DMRC-RJ-DA can be integrated into a fully networked Philips Dynalite system when extra functionality is required

DMRC210-RJ-DA installation instructions Rev A

DMRC210-RJ-DA datasheet.pdf