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The DMAL120F is designed to provide an active load for leading edge dimmer channels that are being used for the control of LED / CFL fittings. By using the DMAL120F connected as parallel or an inline device between a leading edge dimmer channel output and the LED / CFL lighting groups, can produce an improved dimming performance. The DMAL120F allows the continuing use of leading edge dimming system while using more efficient LED / CFL lamps. The compact design enables the unit to be mounted directly within the same enclosure as the dimmer or in the field with the LED lighting groups. Each DMAL120F feed through current rating of 20A makes it suitable for a variety of leading edge TRIAC/ SCR dimmers, rated from 1A to 20A. This unit cannot eliminate flicker of LED if the mains supply is unstable

DMAL120F Installation Manual.pdf

DMAL120F Data Sheet.pdf