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The DDNP1501 is a 15V DC 1.5 Amps regulated power supply, designed to supplement the DyNet network DC supply. The switch-mode design allows the device to be used with a wide range of supply voltages without the need for a manual selector setting. Normally a DyNet network is self-powered by the built-in DC supplies integrated within all mains powered devices. However, in certain applications this supply may need to be supplemented with the DDNP1501 when using peripherals with a high supply requirement, such as edge lit touchscreens. The DDNP1501 is housed in a 6 unit DIN rail mount enclosure that has a circuit breaker profile. This enables the device to be installed in all types of electrical equipment enclosures, including those with cover apertures specifically designed for circuit breakers.

DDNP1501 Installation Manual.pdf

DDNP1501 Data Sheet.pdf