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The Philips Dynalite DAC100BT Area Controller is a network interface that also provides a range of area management and user control functions. The DAC100BT is ideal for commercial applications incorporating a common building services 100BaseT LAN backbone. The device supports the TCP/IP protocol, with static or DHCP assigned IP addressing. Routing Mode links multiple DAC100BT�s together in point to point or broadcast modes. An integral webserver allows browser based control scenarios. The interface incorporates a Programmable Logic Controller that can process comprehensive conditional and sequential logic and arithmetic functions. The DAC100BT is also capable of routing DyNet to third party systems, such as audio-visual and building automation systems, providing an integrated approach to total building control and energy management. Key features include OLED panel display highlighting panel status, along with local area overrides, integrated user front panel and a range of test buttons and maintenance switch indicators. A mechanical key lock is provided for secure access.

DAC100BT Data Sheet Rev C.pdf